There's a difference between simply winning a race and running your best race.

Training Programs and Exercise Metabolic Rate VO2max Assessments for every runner

Good Run’s Mission is to share, explore, examine, explain, and promote the running experience!

Good Run considers running more than just exercise, we consider running a sport, and training for a sport requires more than just exercising. We all are athletes, and when running becomes your sport, the scope of training broadens to include the development of fitness, but also of motivation, goal setting, technique, and other skills and abilities that enable athletic performance.

Running, at first, may seem the simplest form of exercise. However, the more we run, the more we may learn that there are layers of running that we may spend a lifetime exploring in an effort to continually develop and improve our running.

>> Exercise Metabolic Rate VO2max Assessments
imageThe key to favorable completing or competing in races is to understand the demands placed on your different energy systems. Use Good Run VO2max assessments to assess the capacity of both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

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>> Training Programs for every runner
imageGood Run’s intensive training programs offer three different types of weekly runs, core strength training to improve and maintain good running form, and more personal attention with before and after metabolic testing.

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